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My Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Sep 25

I wanted to share my testimonial with you all! :)

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m so glad you are here. My name is Tiernan & I am from NY. I am going to share my story and testimonial about how I went through my awakening. I will be releasing different healing topics and spiritual topics. If you're interested please leave your email so you never miss a post!

"I told the Universe I would not live a life or pain and suffering like she did and the Universe listened."

I cannot pin point the actual day or time when I went through my awakening but I can try an start at what I believe to be the beginning. In 2019 I came across a FB post where a gentleman posted a Youtube video that caught my attention. During this interview the gentleman speaking tells us how broken the school system is along with financial education. Later on I find out the gentleman speaking is a Best Seller Author, Robert Kioysaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book along with other things was the beginning of me “waking up.” I came from a background where my family just barley made ends meat. They lived paycheck to paycheck. We did not come from a rich family, my parents believe if I went to college I could get a good job, they also believed in working into your 65 and retire and your done. But I had this deep deep earning that there was more to life. At the time I was working for one of the biggest Health Insurance companies sitting in a cubicle doing customer service. I hated every moment of it. After reading his book Rich Dad Poor Dad and graduating with a Bachelors in Art I knew I needed to do things differently. While I was reading this book we had a town hall meeting where we celebrated anniversaries and one of the woman have been working at this company for 43 YEARS. Which was longer than I’ve been alive. When I heard this my mind went into panic mode. I had a panic attack while leaving this meeting believing that would be me and I could not work into I was 65 years old at a company. I was destined for more. A few months later I quite that company and didn’t look back. While at the time a few months later COVID hit which at the time I didn’t realize but many of us would be waking up during 2020. I lost my Mom during this time which threw me even more into my awakening because I told the Universe I would not live a life or pain and suffering like she did and the Universe listened. That year was the year I focused on healing. I later found an Energy Healer in my area that helped me tremendously with Akashic Records healing and other Energy Healing techniques which brings me to where I am today. A Reiki Healer, teacher, astrologer, Mom and other things. I want to do what I was sent here to do and that is to help others awaken and raise the conscious collective.

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If you are going through your awakening I would love to connect and hear your story too!

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