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Let's talk about our favorite F-WORD

Let's talk about our favorite F word - ahh it’s Forgiveness! Did you think it was a different word lol

My favorite quote about forgiveness is by Buddha it goes Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

I believe this is such an undervalued quote that is so powerful. For many many years, I was so bitter towards the people that caused me pain. I believe that the more bitterness I held in the more they would suffer. In a time that only caused me to fall down in a spiral of depression, self-pity, and self-misery. Let alone what it did to my physical body. I believed that they were worthy of forgiveness because they never realized the pain they caused me.

It wasn’t until I was healing that I realized those people that caused me the pain was doing the best that they knew how to do at that time. In my eyes was it the best? No, but in their eyes it was. They couldn’t see past their own ignorance to want to change because they didn’t believe they were the problem.

One day I finally decided to let go of the pain and poison I was holding inside towards them. Let me tell you something it was one of the most freeing things I have felt to date. I wrote them each letter, heart-filling letters and poured my heart and soul out into these letters. Once I was done writing I burned each and every one of them and while it was burning I took in deep breathes and said repeated I release you & I forgive you.

See what I didn’t realize was forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person but everything to do with us. We need to forgive them for ourselves. It doesn’t mean you accept or condone the behavior. It doesn’t mean you even have to go back to speaking with them. But it will set you free of the invisible ties that you are carrying around with that person. Once you let that pain go do you start to feel a shift within your body and your emotions because you are free of that pain that you’ve held onto for so long and by being free can you then let in love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, new beginnings and so much more in? You don’t even have to tell the people you forgave them. But I promise you if you do it for yourself or even your children you will feel so much better and lighter.

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