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Are you going through a Mass-Awakening?

Did you know we are going through one of the biggest awakenings we have seen in Humanity?

What is an awakening you may ask?

Well, a Spiritual Awakening is when you become more consciously aware of your surroundings, emotions, and triggers, you start to operate from a place of love and compassion instead of fear and ego-based. When you start living a life from love and light life isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. We are all here to have the best human experience everything else in between is based on our egos and fear.

Some of the symptoms you may be feeling while going through a spiritual awakening are losing interest in activities that once brought you happiness or joy, you may feel completely loose or have no sense of direction, you may crave more alone time, and being in your own space. Maybe even small talk bothers you anymore because you're looking for a sense of connection with people on a deeper level. You may feel like you don’t “fit in” with society anymore.

Once you go through an awakening you start to become more conscious of your emotions and triggers that you were never conscious of before. You start to cut off people in your life that are no longer have your best interest in mind. You may even realize that family members you trusted in the past now no longer have your best interest in mind. The Universe will show you your triggers that need to be healed and resolved. Many of these triggers and traumas stem from our childhood. (More info to come on this in a later post). But once you start healing and realize that people are not out to get you life gets easier. People are just mirrors and if someone is doing something to you that means that something inside of you needs to be healed.

How do you heal from these triggers and traumas? Well, that’s where Shadow Work, journaling, and meditating come in handy. Along with positive affirmations and self-care.

You can journal questions like:

  • Why am I feeling like this?

  • What emotion am I feeling?

  • What happened that caused me to feel like this?

  • Have I experienced this before?

  • When did I first experience this?

BE HONEST - What your goal is - is to get to the ROOT of the problem.

You’ll start to notice many of those roots happen to us at a young age.

I'll share a story that had to happen to me.

Every time I would check my bank account and when I would see the number - it didn’t matter what the number was - I was always upset with myself and I would beat myself up over it. Even though I had enough money to pay my bills and still had money left over. I was truly and I am still blessed. But at the moment I couldn’t see it and at times I still struggle with it. So I sat down one day and start journaling why I was getting upset over a number in my bank account. I asked myself what I was feeling, why I was feeling this, when did I start to feel this? I started figuring out that I was associating my self-worth to the number of my bank account. I started to realize that what I have in my bank account doesn’t define my self-worth. Now I can be more aware of when I start feeling myself get upset about how much is in my bank account.

Healing is a life-long journey but now that you are here give yourself a pat on the back! Celebrate yourself for admitting to yourself that something needs to change. It’s not easy by any means, it's very messy and emotional but if you stick with it and love yourself in the process it gets easier with time. You're breaking ancestral trauma, and healing your bloodline which is so, so powerful. Celebrate yourself & life! It's a great time to be ALIVE.


Leave some of your journeys or journaling tips in the comments.

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