We are committed to helping you on a lifelong journey of self-discovery, and healing. Life can get in the way at times we are here to help you enjoy these energy healings as easy and effortlessly as possible. We are now doing distant healing which has all the perks of healing while enjoying it in your own sacred spaces. Right now we are offering Reiki Healing Sessions only. 

Meet Tiernan

Our Reiki Healing Master 


Tiernan has been on her Spiritual Journey since the middle of 2018 but she didn’t start to notice she was on her Journey into March of 2020 when she suddenly lost her Mother. When Tiernan had this tragedy happen she made it her mission to live a life of love, healthiness, happiness, and peace. The Universe guided her on her journey where she received different energy healings that helped her tremendously with the hardships she was facing at the time. 


Tiernan soon realized this is what she’s been called to do. She wants a chance to help people find their way out of the darkness and find light as she did. Tiernan has been grateful every day that she has embarked on this journey and cannot wait to see others’ on there. 


Currently located in the Hudson Valley Area of NY.